Injuries during sports and physical activity can have a long-term impact on a person's health. The most common injuries include strains, sprains, and fractures. Even minor injuries can lead to more severe cases if they are not properly treated.

Sports Injury Screenings occur before or after the injury to ensure that it is not something more serious. They screen for internal bleeding, inversion of the ankle, etc.

These screenings should be done by medical professionals with special training in sports injury screening techniques.

Sports Injury Screenings are used to diagnose injury and improve fitness. These screenings can help athletes identify injuries and establish a recovery plan to return to play. They can also help keep athletes healthy and prevent injuries before they occur.

These screenings are most helpful in areas where the focus is on preventing injury rather than treating it. They are done with a quick, painless examination that provides feedback on an athlete's range of motion, strength, or other movement patterns and stability throughout the body. The important thing about these screenings is that they are not invasive which means an athlete will be able to return to play quickly rather than waiting for a diagnosis like in other common methods of diagnosis such as MRI machines or X-rays which may take hours or days due to the risk.

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